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Mars: War Logs announced

Focus Home Interactive have unveiled a new action RPG; Mars: War Logs at Gamescom in development at their Spiders studio renowned for the Sherlock Holmes series, and very recently developing the action RPG Of Orcs and Men.

Mars War Logs offers a variety of quests, tactical dynamic combat, and character specialisation through skill trees and a complete crafting system all bundled up into an RPG with real time combat.

The game focuses on the red planet, a century after a catastrophe that threw the planet and its colonists into chaos where water is a most precious resource. Players will control Roy Temperance who is thrown into the middle of the struggle, pitting him against other humans and the fearsome creatures of Mars. Similar to Of Orcs and Men, importance is played on the dialogue choices in game that can influence both the destiny of the people that Roy crosses, and the fate of all of the colonies on Mars. Built in Spiders’ powerful graphics engine the Silk Engine, the Red Planet has never looked better!

Mars: War Logs is scheduled for a release during 2013 for Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PC, it will be very interesting to see some gameplay, as the term action RPG is quite vague these days.