Featured image of post Ready to explore the Edge of Space?

Ready to explore the Edge of Space?

The reaches of space are an exotic and alluring landscape, so the question is, why are there not enough ground-based exploratory games out there!? Handyman Games are answering the question with their upcoming game Edge of Space, that allows you and your buddies to explore strange alien worlds, defending against violent creatures and crafting the world the way you want it to.

It’s basically Terraria in space, which is by no means a bad thing, so why not check out the trailer.

Edge of Space is an open-world, dynamically-generated sandbox adventure set in deep space, much like Terraria it was built with multiplayer in mind, so don’t dare tread the depths of space alone! With a variety of fast-paced activities at your fingertips such as crafting, building, and setting traps, you’ll have plenty of time in between zapping malicious aliens whilst terraforming and shaping the strange world in your image.

Edge of Space is currently in its beta phase and can be purchased for a discounted pre-order of $9.99 on Desura and Rain Digital Games, and will shift up to $14.99 when launched. If Terraria in space floats your boat, Edge of Space is currently awaiting your approval on Steam Greenlight, go on, up vote them!