Featured image of post Borderlands 3 have royally messed up the PS4 to PS5 save transfer and trophy sync

Borderlands 3 have royally messed up the PS4 to PS5 save transfer and trophy sync

To the annoyance of trophy hunters everywhere, Gearbox have effectively thrown their hands up and expect players to run through their 70+ hour game again on a fresh character for the Platinum

Consider that every PS5 upgrade from their PS4 counterparts have introduced a brand-new set of trophies that can be retroactively unlocked after transferring your save to the new generation and netting you a sweet second platinum, Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 even a year on from its new generation release have only managed to rectify 2 of the 50+ bugged trophies that left the game as an obtainable platinum and the rest being locked out despite fulfilling the conditions to earn them.

Screenshot: Gearbox

As of today, the only way to earn a 100% and Platinum trophy again in spite of having already done so on the last generation is to play through the 70+ hour game once again… (I don’t want to… but I will). It’s also no secret that this 3rd instalment has polarised fans for a variety of reasons.

Screenshot: Gearbox

Having not been a huge fan of Borderlands 3 thanks to a lack of player agency (Or acknowledgement that they are even present) in cutscenes and narrative outside of “Go here Vault Hunter”, an alarming amount of chatter from echo logs and radio comms that are in a constantly losing battle for volume and attention over gunfire and whatever else demands your brain power, a map so difficult to read and a different stance towards legendary weapon farming from the previous game whereby they don’t feel all that unique or special anymore… I can’t say I’m thrilled to jump back into it but it hurts me more to see the account without the platinum I should have. Silly me should check these things before I add a new trophy set but hopefully I can save someone else from the disappointment.