Featured image of post Alien Spidy invading Earth very soon!

Alien Spidy invading Earth very soon!

Do you know what starts making a spider cute and adorable? Make him an alien! Kalypso sure know it works, after all their upcoming digital action-adventure Alien Spidy couldn’t possibly be any cuter!

The poor little spider crash lands on Earth, and in an attempt to escape he must rescue his female companion Virgi and collect all of the lost parts of his ship with his unique web-swinging abilities.

Don’t let his adorable eyes fool you, Alien Spidy is no childs game; deeply rooted in skill through skidding, jumping and swinging from collectable to collectable looks to be a true challenge for those that love a good perfect playthrough.

However not all is so complex, whilst there is a delightful difficulty to collecting everything in the game, it is easily accessible for all ages, and spanning over 60 levels across three distinct and beautifully drawn landscapes there’s a fantastic rendition of the treacherous life a spider must cope with.

Alien Spidy is scheduled for a release via the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, PC and Mac later this fall!