Check out the Resident Evil Magnum Blaster and Knife Wii Peripheral

We're not one for practically useless peripherals here at Gamercast; we could never really understand the point of playing Wii Sports with a tennis racket, or Killzone 3 with the Move gun, or the sheer need of the Move Boxing Gloves, however occasionally some motion controller peripherals come along that just take the biscuit. The House of the Dead Hand cannon was a shining example; it was well designed, and to be honest, playing House of the Dead without a gun shaped peripheral is mere sacrilege.

Now Interworks have just announced the Resident Evil Magnum, wait for it... and Knife! Exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, the Resident Evil Magnum Blaster provides realistic comfort during gameplay with access to all remote direction pads, and triggers of your Wii Remote and is universally compatible with all shooting games. Also included with the Magnum Blaster is the Knife that very handily holds your Nunchuk Controller.

To be fair, this is one Motion Controller peripheral we would not be ashamed of owning, and it is a pretty neat peripheral. The Resident Evil Magnum will be seeing release in shops December 9th 2011 for the SRP of £29.99, shame they don't bundle it with a game or two.