Featured image of post Catch up with Eric Bane in the new trailer for DARK

Catch up with Eric Bane in the new trailer for DARK

Kalypso Media have unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming vampiric stealth-action game DARK from Realmforge Studios, showing off a little more of the title character Eric Bane.

The game focuses around Eric Bane an innocent bystander who gets taken into the vampire underworld, trouble is he doesn’t remember the events leading up to being turned, but he’s told that going after the mysterious GeoForge Corporation will answer some of his questions. Pre-dominantly a third-person stealth game, DARK focuses on its story and hopes to engage players into its unique world whilst using some pretty interesting skills to move around undetected.

Eric’s vampire abilities will allow him to defeat dangerous enemies with hard-hitting melee attacks, turn into a puff of smoke and disappear, and descend upon his foes in an instant, now when was the last time you got to play as a proper non-sparkly vampire in a game!

DARK is currently scheduled for a release during Q2 of 2013 on the Xbox 360, and Windows PC, and as you may have seen in the video, we have our hopes high for the stealth mechanics in the game!