Featured image of post GOG.com is Bigger, Fresher, Newer and looking towards the Future!

GOG.com is Bigger, Fresher, Newer and looking towards the Future!

GOG's big announcement for a Bigger, Newer and Fresher surprise does not only involve the website, the digital distribution site are changing their philosophy of game distribution along with their service, don't worry though, it's all for the better!

GOG.com are reportedly getting bigger each year, and are adjusting their services with more website features, social interaction, and more love for their customers. With AAA new titles and more partners getting signed every month, they will provide a mix of classic titles and newer games that they are sure will become instant classics.

With hundreds of thousands of users already, GOG are not starting all over, however they are starting to spruce up the website with a more modern look featuring Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social integration across the website.

They are also releasing the fast GOG.com downloader that will integrate support for patches, goodies and notifications to keep users up to date on changes to the games that they have purchased.

GOG aren't changing any of their core values, games will remain DRM free, with a fair pricing system and show their love for their users with free items. What they are doing however, is providing newer games!

GOG are transitioning away from 'Good Old Games', and are casting light on newer games, indie games and fantastically underappreciated games. Their latest acquisition of Legend of Grimrock is fantastic news, and with Trine, The Whispered World, Machinarium and Darwinia under their wing, you can speculate as to where these relationships could go further!

With a massive fanbase already GOG.com are promising to keep their future going by adding new site features and even suggest games through the new revamped Community Wishlist which is already growing as we speak. Here's hoping some wishes will be fulfilled, I know that I would definitely pay for a version of System Shock!