Featured image of post GOG.com have something cooking for March 27th!

GOG.com have something cooking for March 27th!

Those lovely folks over at GOG.com have a big announcement coming tomorrow March 27th at 9am, and are instilling their core values across the internet for those unaware of the glorious website!

What better way to do it than via Youtube with some nice cheesy commericals! The videos inform those unaware of GOG.com's most important aspects that makes them stick out from a vast array of online digital distribution channels, not to mention that they are one of the only sites to preach good-old-games!

GOG.com was literally set up to provide DRM-free gaming for its customers, and it’s something they’ve stuck to since 2008 when the website was launched, unsurprisingly the website is owned by Polish company CD Projekt RED, the leading games developer that believe in DRM-free goodness.

One of the reasons that Gamercast love GOG.com is for their free goodies, when you buy a game you aren’t just getting an executable download, you get mountains of freebies ranging from the original soundtrack, wallpapers, avatars, making ofs, interviews and even walkthroughs.

The last big seller is that they believe that all gamers around the world should be treated equally and too right! So wherever you are you will have GOG.com available to you, and at the exact same price as your friend half-way across the world. So there’ll never be a game unavailable to you because of the country that you reside!

GOG.com's big announcement takes place March 27th at 9am GMT, be sure to check out their website to see exactly what is going on!