We've proud to announce the 12th episode of Gamercast, this weeks shownotes: PS2 afterthoughts. Eve Online. Homeworld 2. Star Wars Empire at War. Oblivion getting close. NFL Madden 06 demo on marketplace. Download, 14MB, MP3. more »
We're proud to announce the audio-only part of Gamercast Episode 11. What we talked about this week: Making of Oblivion trailer released. World of Warcraft festival. Nintendo bring free wi-fi to Ireland. Dunegeons and Dragons online. Star Trek… more »
We're pleased to announce Episode 10 is now available, this is our special retro show where we talk about retro stuff. This weeks shownotes: Wester and Harrison Ford. Dune 2, Elite, Sim City and Lemmings. Nintendo, Sega and retro today. Loads of… more »
We're pleased to announce the availability of Gamercast Episode 9. This week's shownotes: PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360. American accent free podcast. Final Fantasy XI. Fight Night Round 3 demo. Nintendo releasing Tetris DS. New Xbox 360 over the… more »
We're pleased to announce episode 8. This week's shownotes: Destroy Founder's PS2. Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive. Final Fantasy XI beta Xbox 360 mag. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Sony way late, nothing about PS3 at the CES this year. Games we… more »
Here's episode 7, this episode being the New Years Day special edition is divided up into two sections, our games of the year we decided to choose 3 games from each platform. We also discuss things we're looking forward to in 2006. Games of the Year:… more »
Here's Gamercast Episode 6, this weeks show notes. Catherine says: Lost Planet is like a mech game, we like mech games. Nintendo Wi-Fi. Nintendo Revolution. Adam Xbox 360 exploded again. Perfect Dark Zero multiplayer. PGR3 rules. PSP thosuands… more »
We're pleased to announce Episode 5, the Gamercast strikes back. This weeks shownotes: Civ 4. Star Wars Galaxies. Doom movie. Call of Duty and Need for Speed opinions. Gamercast video update. RFonline.com. Battalion Wars. Kill Crazy Frog Racer.… more »
Here's the uber 360 episode! Download, 17.5MB, MP3. more »
It's a day late but here is Gamercast Episode 3. This weeks shownotes: Letters. Wester's silly names. Ransom's positive comments. Xbox 360 launch in the US. Tony on Gotham TV. Overheating machines. Massive sales. EA sucks. Cool 360 features.… more »
We're proud to announce episode 2 of Gamercast. This week we talk about; People's letters and opinions. Sony PS3 playing second hand games. Nintendo fading out in the UK. Gamercard added on the forums World of Warcraft expansion. Gizmondo was in… more »
We're happy announce our first show, known as Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Conversation. This weeks talk about list: Xbox 360 stock, hype or not. Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. MMORPGs and their upcoming Live versions. Need for Speed vs… more »