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You must watch Quantic Dream's Kara tech demo

Quantic Dream are very well known for their foray into storytelling and attempting to extract emotions from a player through the medium of games.

Their earlier work was of course creating a more cinematic experience that players could enjoy or just find a bit strange, from the awe of seeing David Bowie performing in a game, to the thrilling moments while making an escape from a diner, Quantic Dream can make a great game.

However with Heavy Rain it was a step up from what they gave us with Fahrenheit, it was a beautiful example of the fall of a character without having a really weird twist or strange addition to the story. But it was also a much more compelling experience by having multiple story routes to keep a players experience almost unique. I still remember to this day having great conversations with friends over what they had happen in Heavy Rain.

Prior to the announcement of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream released a trailer showing off their advancements in tech since the release of Fahrenheit. The video itself was almost ground breaking at the time and some of the best tech out there, showing that they could create a great performance. Some didn't really like how the main character looked when she talked though which put some off, I still remember being madly excited by the video, and was very pleased to see that she made it into Heavy Rain as the character Lauren.

Well now after Heavy Rain releasing back in 2010, the year is now 2012 and Quantic Dream have now released a new tech demo named Kara. Kara features Valorie Curry as the main character and she does give quite a moving performance.

Some may believe Kara doesn't have the same atmosphere that the original Casting video contained, making it feel somewhat like a basic story that's being told, making it feel a lot less realistic. However I’m over the moon after watching it and cannot wait to see what Quantic Dream have up their sleeves.