Featured image of post The Plants vs. Zombies official store is now open!

The Plants vs. Zombies official store is now open!

Roll up for all the Plants vs Zombies merchandise you could ever want!

Well to be honest most of the existing merchandise out there, not all. PvZ is a massive IP for PopCap and to open up store is a great idea to get those Zombies and Peashooters out there for all to see, it worked great for Ubisoft with the Ubishop so PopCap are definitely making the right choice to open their own store.

Their stock however isn’t as impressive as I was hoping but you can still find a large array of pieces including their recently released Pop Vinyl figures which include the cutest Peashooter in the world. However they haven’t got the whole Pop Vinyl selection up but we’re sure they’ll all go up soon as they’re aiming to update the store frequently.

“We’re excited to give our fans access to exclusive Plants vs. Zombies merchandise that they can only find at PvZStore.com,” said Brennan Townley, director of brand licensing at PopCap Games. “We’ve worked closely with Treehouse, known for its innovative product design, global distribution and excellent customer service, to create a best-in-class online retail experience that will carry everything from plush toys and apparel to limited edition art, with new offerings being added on an ongoing basis.”

The highlights of the store seem to be the plushies, vinyl figures and the minimalist zombie tee, although to be fair there’s a lot t-shirts on the store that I’d love to buy along with the sunflower baseball cap and mug.

You can order and pre-order all the PvZ items that take your fancy if you head over to pvstore.com however the shipping can get a little pricey for anywhere outside of America but it’s not as crazy as some stores out there.