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Sly Cooper returns?

Insider source reveals that Sly Cooper is making a comeback!

In the aftermath of the new advert seen at the Playstation Showcase Event last month, rumours began to spread like wildfire around the possibility of Sly Cooper finally making his return have been confirmed by an industry insider.


Nick Baker known as Shpeshal_Nick on twitter posted this; according to his sources Sly will be making a return… in what format however is yet to be confirmed. Having heard nothing about the ring-tailed thief since development of a movie meant for release back in 2016 which unfortunately had been a casualty of the underwhelming reception of the Ratchet and Clank movie of the same year. Sly Cooper with all but the diehard of fans has fallen into obscurity.

Sly Cooper logo at :58

The advert itself referenced an array of franchises in varying degrees of prominence from yesteryear as well as more recent games like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn. It’s somewhat of a stretch to believe that every franchise in the advert will see some kind of revival or sequel but it is enough to get the fan’s hopes up and it is nice to see the company give thanks to the games that have made them so popular.

Sly HD collection released in 2010

With the video game series itself being particularly hard and expensive to get a hold of physically outside of the Playstation Now streaming service that suffers from some connectivity issues and input lag I for one am hoping to see the collection release again including the 4th instalment from 2013 with some much-needed quality of life improvements and some spit and polish. However, I can argue that the fans would likely be happier to see a sequel or reboot. What do you hope becomes of this confirmation?