Worms: Ultimate Mayhem is the newest Worms game on the block from those crazy kids at Team 17, well it is actually a re-release and updated version of Worms 3D and Worms: Mayhem rolled into one nice hefty package. more »
Put your wellies back on, there's a host of new features added into the Farming Simulator Platinum Edition. So head on down to the farm and take part in a spot of 'green' farming more »
Child of Eden was originally announced back at E3 in 2010 at Ubisoft's press conference, now a year later Tetsuya Mizuguchi's new delve into gaming synesthesia is available on Xbox 360 and it comes very close to being the perfect successor to Rez. Visua… more »
We get to grips with the world of FIM Speedway and slide our way to victory in the cut throat career mode that takes an almost indie game to great status. more »
We slip on the overalls and perform a spot of stunt racing in Konami's Red Bull X-Fighters, and game that doesn't try to be Trials, but somewhat fails to hold your attention. more »
Get your thinking caps on, this game is for the intelligent strategy gamers out there. Supreme Ruler Cold War is a new grand strategy that has you use all the tactics you can think of, to make or change history. more »
If you can't overtake them, take them down in this fast paced, intense arcade flight racer; one of the best racing games to hit the Xbox Marketplace since Hydro Thunder. more »
We give the weakest action hero in video gaming a run for his money in the recently release Spelunker HD that has reigned extremely popular in Japan since it's release. more »
Lay your corners, build your city and head out on the track, the train track that is! We get to grips with model train layouts; the cheap way in the brilliant new Xbox Indie game Train Frontier Express. more »
After tearing ourselves away from it for more than five minutes we reviewed the fantastic Din's Curse expansion Demon War that introduces a selection of new features to the core game. more »
We review The Baconing for Xbox Live Arcade, and decide if this is really the sequel fit for the elaborate and engaging DeathSpank series. more »
TML Studios knock us down with this fantastic example of a great simulator that achieves what you would expect of a game. With dynamic weather, scheduled bus routes, jobs on the side, a rewards system and individual handling for each vehicle, you won't know what to do with yourself. more »
We return to our Demolition Company for Demolition Company Gold, which contains all the fun of the original, with some added features including some rather explosive tools. more »
Simulators often focus on a vehicle or a group of vehicles, what makes Ports 2011 so different to other games because the heart of it is found in the iconic setting of the harbour and the work that goes on inside it. more »
We review the second episode in the Hector Badge of Carnage series, and realise why we love this unloveable character and location so much! more »
We remind our passengers that they are not permitted to smoke in this ultra-realistic recreation of the London Circle Line in this fantastic simulator. more »
You'll need to be living under a rock if you're not familiar with The Sims, well now they've busted onto Facebook in The Sims Social, check out just why it is worth your hard-pressed time. more »
It’s Earth’s last stand against the inhospitable depths of space; the titans are taking over, it’s up to you and your rag-tag army to save the last of humanity from the titans as you halt their takeover on Earth, Mars, Saturn and ultimately Titan. Will… more »
Give a care for once? Din's Curse shows you what its like to play a game outside of the usual secure bubble and makes everyone fair game for death. Get ready for some dungeon crawling. more »
Trucks and Trailers is a new arcade-simulator from SCS Software and Excalibur Publishing, reminiscent of the parking challenges from Sega's great 18 Wheeler. more »
Well we all run Out of Time eventually, and this is especially so for the Back to the Future adventure game series, unfortunately good things cannot last forever more »
We take a quick look at Dead Block a new tower defense, zombie action hybrid that has just arrived on Xbox Live Arcade, whilst it's lack of online co-op may shock some, its charm and quirkiness has definitely won us over. more »