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We concentrate our hardest with the complex Train Giant; the newest in the line of the A-Train series, the question is, has enough changed from the last title to warrant a new game? more »
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The hidden object genre is one rife in the casual games market, and it’s rare that you find a game that thinks outside the box, welcome to Unbelievaville in Happily Ever After. more »
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2185 is the year that Earth as we know it is destroyed, and the Westwick is the last chance of the survival of the human race in this live action full motion video interactive movie from Parallax Studios, brought to the UK thanks to Lace Mamba Global. more »
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Pigsels excel at making a thoroughly enjoyable, and accessible game for all in their adorable new colour based puzzler Coloropus that breaks records of cuteness in video games. more »
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Police Simulator 2 is a true strategy simulation, the game is not about apprehending your perpetrators face to face, it’s all about managing your workforce and scheduling their shifts to ensure the complete and constant coverage of your town. more »
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Kinect officially came out about a year and a half ago now and we've had a whole host of games released; some good, some bad and some a little bit inbetween. One of the best draws for Kinect is of course to get children playing more games on Microsoft's… more »
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A new simulator in Excalibur Publishing’s Extra Play range is Utility Vehicle Simulator that mashes together some very niche vehicular fun into one neat and tidy package. more »
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It’s 2034AD and where are your crew mates? That’s what Rachel Manners wants to know, but with a slightly un-co-operative, artificial intelligence; J.U.L.I.A it doesn’t look promising in this fantastic adventure game that goes back to basics. more »
Warp review: An interesting stealthy puzzle game
Warp – PSN / XBLA As a big fan of stealth games, I was delighted to hear about this offering by Trapdoor – especially since it featured a unique twist on the genre; you play a nameless alien, trying to escape from a secret underwater lab where the evil… more »
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Oil Rush is a challenging and often hectic strategy, if you can keep on top of your platforms, equally disperse your units and always remain in charge of the oil rigs the world is your oyster in this fresh and simplistic real time strategy. more »
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He's unresponsive in our review of Emergency Ambulance Simulator
For such a simple and deliverable concept, Emergency Ambulance Simulator does exactly what it should, if you are looking for a pick-up-and-play simulator look no further. more »
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Airport Firefighter simulator is one of those games that you dismiss for being another quickly booted out simulator, but infact plays out with a half-decent career mode, and attempts to actually be a good game. more »