Halo 4 review: John is awake
As a huge Halo fan who was let down greatly by Halo Reach, I was approaching the next instalment with a mix of emotions. Highs because it is a new Halo game including a new campaign and multiplayer… more »
Get addicted to a good old management sim in our review of Farming Giant
Farming games don’t usually go beyond the standard harvest moon affair, and very rarely does Farming get brought to the strategy genre, however UIG have definitely hit the nail on the head with Farming Giant. more »
Could the face of racing simulation change in our review of NKPro Racing version 1.3
We review a lot of simulators at Gamercast, but rarely do any place such a heavy emphasis on realism as NKPro Racing. The developers have released version 1.3 that has been in the works for two years, was it worth the wait? more »
Experience the beautiful Rhine in our review of River Master
Are you prepared to become a River Master of one of the longest and beautiful rivers in Europe; the Rhine which you can experience with a breath taking stretch of over 200km. more »
Test your engineering skills in our review of The Bridge Project
Everyone loves a bit of physics based gaming, well how’s about physics based engineering in a puzzle environment of sorts in Bridge Project the game that tasks you with assembling the sturdiest bridge possible. more »
Roll on up in our review of Circus World
Are you ready to manage the greatest show on earth?... Well Cardiff! Book up your big top and stock up your gift shop and welcome the masses into Circus World, a new management sim from the folks at Excalibur Publishing's in-house development team. more »
Get on the couch for some much needed co-op in our review of Realms of Ancient War
Realms of Ancient War is a new hack’n’slash dungeon crawler that brings co-op back to the couch in a faraway fantasy world that has been at war since anyone remembers. more »
The power of Christ compels you in our review of Lucius
The best horror stories are self-contained, gory, and brutal and give you nowhere to hide, how about we flip the idea on its head, we’ll put you in charge of a great evil; a small six-year-old who is more sinister than he looks.. more »
It gets in-tents in our review of Camping Manager
Camping manager, or as I see it, camping tycoon is a new title brought to retail stores thanks to Excalibur publishing, and puts you in charge of managing a camping site, so get out there and design the best darn camping site that you ever saw, just rem… more »
Get the safety vests on in our review of Disaster Response Unit
Disaster Response Unit is a new simulator from Excalibur Publishing that takes players to the exciting world of disaster relief, and to be fair it is pretty exciting. more »
Smash the competition in our review of Full Ace Tennis Simulator 2012
The only real tennis games that PC gamers have had access to in the last few years is the extremely popular Virtua Tennis arcade series, however what the massive platform has been sorely missing is a simulator contender... more »
Jet Set Radio review: Sweet Soul Brothers
It feels very weird that it's 2012 and I'm writing up a review for Jet Set Radio as of course it graced the Dreamcast just under 12 years ago… more »
Kill the Lancastrians in our review of War of the Roses
Suit up! Grab your sword, and head to the battlefield in War of the Roses, the 15th century combat simulator... no not really, but it may as well be in this fantastic squad based multiplayer slice-em-up. more »
Save the world in the best way possible in our review of City Tuesday
City Tuesday gives the player five minutes to prevent a disaster; there’s a suspicious trench coated individual laying bombs throughout town, if you don’t track down all the bombs you’re stuck reliving the same five minutes before the bombs go off again. more »
Hit the road in our review of Driving Simulator 2012
In this years Driving Simulator, developers Light Rock Entertainment have pushed out the boat and the compendium contains a plethora of popular vehicular sims in the form of missions, but is it any better than what we've seen before? more »
November–Eight-Charlie-Papa you are cleared for landing in our review of Airport Control Tower
There's a simulator for everything, and yet one particular area that is surprisingly sparse when it comes to games is the responsibilities of the airport controller, this is where the no nonsense no frills Airport Control Tower comes in. more »
Don't shoot the doe in our review of Deer Drive
Excalibur Publishing have brought the crazy pastime of deer hunting to their Extra Play catalogue with Deer Drive from the experienced simulator developers at SCS Software, but does it really compare with their impressive sim background. more »
Tiny Troopers review: A small soldier in a big world
Tiny Troopers is an action/RTS where you control a group of tiny soldiers who are on a mission. It may have tiny in the name but really that's only about their size, as in terms of gameplay it has a lot to offer with 30 levels that are spread across thr… more »
Get a taste of a twin stick puzzler in our review of Transcripted
If you’re unaware of a little game called Transcripted you might want to listen up; not sticking to simply one genre it is the inspired pairing of the addictive twin stick shooter and the insanely more addictive match three puzzle game. more »
Fancy a little strategic puzzling in our review of 3SwitcheD
3SwitcheD is an interesting take on the puzzle genre that rounds up six very diverse game modes that consists of a crazy mix of Sega Swirl, Bejeweled and some quirky originals like Moving 4-Ward and Pathfinder. more »
Delve into a magical journey of discovery in our review of the Pahelika Collection
Dive into the story of Pahelika, a magical book shrouded in mystery in a hidden object game that evolves into a puzzle game full of magic and observation; The Pahelika Collection. more »
Keep terror at bay in our review of The Trouble with Robots
Help! Robots are invading our carefree and simple fantasy world, do you reckon you've got the deck building skills to keep them at bay? That's right, check out what we thought of this quaint, humorous deck building game in The Trouble with Robots. more »