Send in the robot in our review of Chemical Spillage Simulator
If you were a fan of airport firefighter simulator then be prepared for more of the same in this new sandbox career-orientated obscure firefighter simulator returns in Chemical Spillage Simulator. more »
Now you're thinking with magnets in our review of Magrunner: Dark Pulse
Magrunner: Dark Pulse is a first person puzzle game takes place in a not too distant future, where the giant corporation LifeNET has stumbled upon the limitless free energy Mag that utilises the power of magnets, which is where you come in. more »
You're going to want to Keep On Truckin in this simulator Collection!
To celebrate the wonderful world of trucks, publisher Excalibur Publishing have released the Keep on Truckin Collection comprised of three of the best trucking games to grace the PC in the last few years. more »
Live a life of human sacrifice and bloodshed in our review of Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods
Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods is the expansion that fans of the game had been eagerly anticipating for ages, that makes the Pagans a truly refreshing set of people to play as. more »
Enter a gothic world of steampunk in our review of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
Van Helsing's adventures are pretty incredible, now we aren't talking about Hugh Jackman, we're talking about the gothic-noir steampunk action RPG from NeocoreGames who are making what they've always wanted. more »
Anything is possible in our review of The Night of the Rabbit
'Anything is possible on a day on Summer Vacation', no truer words have been said, but when you grow old you tend to shortly forget the magical innocence of youth. more »
Come work on the Railroads in the Marias Pass DLC for Train Simulator 2013
One of the newest expansions for Train Simulator 2013 is the iconic Marias Pass; a high mountain pass near the Glacier National Park in north-western Montana. more »
Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary in our review of Zoo Park
Upon first glance it is very easy to compare the humble Zoo Park: Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary from Excalibur Publishing to the likes of Zoo Tycoon or Theme Park, after all, it does look a heck of a lot like them. more »
You sunk my battleship in our review of Leviathan: Warships
What makes Leviathan: Warships so special is that it can be picked up and played just as simply as a traditional game of battleships, it's just as complex, even more fun.. more »
There's timetabling, transportation and hours lost in our review of Cities in Motion 2
If there's one subgenre that will live forever it's the transport simulation, Cities in Motion, brought the sim back to the limelight. So when Cities in Motion 2 was announced, we didn't think it was possible to top, but were we wrong. more »
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army review: Take on Hitler's supernatural army
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is a slightly different expansion to the Sniper Elite franchise than what fans maybe have originally been expecting for their next game.… more »
A Game of Dwarves review: Keep your feet on the ground
A Game of Dwarves is a fairly recent release from Swedish based Zeal Game Studio… more »
Get back in the squad car for our review of Police Force 2
It’s not often enough that games on emergency services are released, and apart from the staple Emergency series, there’s little out there, surprising when you consider they’re everything young kids want to be. more »
Lose your arachnophobia in our review of Alien Spidy
It must be easy being an insect, in their small and innocent world there's not much that people really take notice of, perhaps that's how our intrepid protagonist the Alien Spidy crash landed on earth. more »
Bend your mind in our review of The Bridge
Some many remember the ingenious Echochrome with mind boggling paradox illusions along comes a new face; The Bridge that takes its inspiration from the likes of M.C. Escher that step further, with ornate luxuriously drawn arenas. more »
Grab some cash in our review of Dollar Dash
Dollar Dash is a new fast paced multiplayer game, think of it like Bomberman meets Bonanza Bros. in an arena reminiscent of the good old days of Mario Party. more »
Chill out dickwad it's our review of The Showdown Effect
What on earth is this fantastic game of which I speak? Well Paradox Interactive like to call it The Showdown Effect and it’s a new arena based game that deserves your attention. more »
Infect a fairytale world in our review of Volume 1 of American McGee's Grimm
It’s difficult to find games that are suitably dark, and the usual macabre fanatic has little to sate themselves with in the modern palate of gaming. more »
Wind, rain or shine we'll deliver in our review of Transport Simulator
The truck sim is currently riding on a high point in the simulator world, roll on Transport Simulator, a new assignment based truck simulator the question is, will it surpass the No. 1 truck sim? more »
Shape your city in our review of City Builder
City Builder? Sounds like a Sim City rip-off, well that's where you'd be wrong, in fact, this quaint little German simulator couldn't be any different from the multi-million unit selling strategy. more »
Eat, sleep, slaughter in our review of Impire
It’s not often that dungeon creation games come along, after all, who wants to be compared with the legendary Dungeon Keeper, Impire has stepped up to the plate. more »
Welcome to Dungeonland in our review of the most deadly theme park on earth!
In the fun-filled theme park of Dungeonland only the brave may enter, if you think you're up to the task, prepare to enter the Dungeon Maestro's domain as a lowly Warrior, Rogue and Mage! more »