We got the Gamercast team all down on the sofa to try out BBQ Games’ newest addition to their library; Avatar QuizCall, which boasts over 1000 questions; we haven’t had one repeat yet! 4-player support; so four of the crew could play together – sorry… more »
Do you know your cultivator from your combine harvester? Do you reckon you can yield a field of crop before rain falls? Well get your tractor ready because Farming Simulator is the game that you've been missing your whole life. more »
When I first heard the title BlindGiRl I must admit I was more than a little intrigued, could it be that someone was having a go at a sound game? Would you actually be the blind girl? I am pleased to announce the answer to these questions was yes. more »
BlindGiRl is an intriguing game that has the player assume the role of a young girl, lost in a world of darkness. more »
Originally released as Photo Fighter X in Japan Photo Dojo is a new piece of DSiWare now available on the DS Shopping Channel, Gamercast were made aware of the game in Episode 179. To put it in the best way possible Photo Dojo is as amazing as the Gamebo… more »
One of the smaller releases next week is EA’s Sims 3 Create-a-Sim, it does what it says on the tin. Similar to the Spore Creature Creator and the Create-a-Sim that was released before The Sims 2, in the pack you can create Sims to your hearts content.… more »
It’s been four years since Sam Fisher last graced our consoles, and the series had been slowly falling down a repetitive path since the original release of Splinter Cell way back in 2002, Double Agent had managed to revive the series with a fresh take… more »
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 follows a 4 man group as they carry out their mission to find a device capable of generating an EMP strong enough to cripple the USA in one blast. more »
Silent Hill Shattered Memories is the newest iteration in the Silent Hill series, developed by Climax Group who decided rather than simply do a remake, they created a reimagining of the original Silent Hill. more »
Many months ago I was shown a trailer of a WiiWare title that was soon to be coming out, and a couple of days ago I bought it, and that game was Tomena Sanner. I had honestly forgotten about it, as it was so long ago, but I was browsing the Wii S… more »