Forget Kane and Lynch: Dead Men and sit back and enjoy Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days as a completely new game, with a fresh combat and cover system, it may not be game of the year material, but you’ll not have more fun in Shanghai in any other game. more »
Empires of Steel is a small turn-based strategy title that throws away the book of complicatedness, diplomacy and madness, and focuses on combat, and war! With no frills attached, Empires of Steel is very similar to the recently reviewed Strategic Comman… more »
Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict is the newest in the Strategic Command series, a well respected turn-based franchise that has captured hard-core turn-based strategists’ for the past 8 years. It may not look as ostentatious as popular turn based titles such as Civilization whose titles engines keep getting upgraded for subsequent releases. Instead Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict sticks to the basics, and appeals to the strategist that wishes for heaps of substance. more »
Being a massive fan of simulators, I've yet to experience Ship Simulator, a hugely popular title from VSTEP who have been creating ship simulations for the past 5 years. So being veterans of Ship Simulators we know that they are pros, giving you the ability to free roam in over 25 ships more »
Well the time had to come eventually, Sam and Max is over for another season, we've had some extraordinary adventures with the pair in the newest series, and with the inclusion of Max's psychic powers, alongside the revitalization of many old characters… more »
So you've got me, my main weakness is a good seek and solve title, otherwise known as a hidden object game. I grew up with Where's Wally (Waldo for any American's reading) and when comparing the two you can of course see a lot of similarities more »
Well fans have waited over 40 years, and now the dream has come true, and you can control the TARDIS, and jump-start it on its flight through space and time, however not every ride goes smoothly, and a laid back journey in the TARDIS was never going to h… more »
Victoria II is a strategy game on a grand scale, more of a political strategy you are the driving force of your nation, pulling the strings from behind the scenes, if you're looking for a real time strategy you best look elsewhere, Victoria II is an inhe… more »
It's almost every little boy's dream to fly through space, to defy the laws of physics and go where no man has ever ventured before, unfortunately however most little boy's will never live out that dream, from sheer lack skills or determination you can c… more »
From the creators of East India Company, comes Commander: Conquest of the Americas a new mass trade strategy title that asks players to bring their nation to glory for the control of the New World, generally there is no story per se in the game, players… more »
If you looked up the word addictive fun in the dictionary you should probably find the synonym of PopCap’s massive library of games, catering to the more casual market PopCap know their genre and they know their audience, so it’s no surprise that they re… more »
DeathSpank is a true story, ok so perhaps that part was a lie, but its humour such as this that begins DeathSpank on a path to glory, and from the get-go you know that you are in for one hell of a ride. Centred on our likely hero DeathSpank; Dispenser of… more »
Those of you that finished the last episode; They Stole Max’s Brain will have noticed the hordes of Sam clones, or Samulacra as Sam likes to affectionately call them at every opportunity; a great pun on the term Simulacra, or as Max prefers to put it; Doppelganger! more »
Puzzle Agent is the first game to be pushed out of the newly created Telltale pilot program; testing the ground for new ideas. So instead of your well-known protagonists such as Guybrush Threepwood, Sam, Gromit or Strongbad, players assume the control of… more »
Welcome to Armada 2526, the newest 4X strategy game to hit European shelves, similar to Master of Orion and Galactic Civilizations, you can command huge fleets of ships to victory while also managing colonies on a grander scale, created by ex-Creative Assembly designer Bob Smith at his newly formed Ntronium Gmaes. Armada 2526 just goes to show that you do not need a huge studio to make an engaging and respectable 4X strategy title. more »
I’m not going to lie, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men was a pretty bad title, I really wanted to like it, considering it was made by the very respectable developers at IO Interactive, but something just wasn’t right with the title. The controls were awful, the… more »
The Doctor returns triumphantly in his second outing on the PC with an expedition to the Arctic, where the threat of a new Cyberman race is realised, help Amy and the Doctor stop them in their tracks at the GSO Scientific outpost. more »
Puzzle fans around the world, if you have not heard of Picross before, sit down, and listen up, because you needn’t be bored of your Nintendo DSi any longer, Animal Color Cross has hit Nintendo DSiWare, guaranteeing a far more interesting summer holiday, or fun commute. more »
The newest title in EA’s Skate franchise was released as of the 14th of May (UK) upon loading up the game you are introduced to the game with a short film, showing all the pro skaters that are present in the game, it linked the back story nicely together… more »
Three very distinctive actsIn the first act; Its sam like you’ve never seen him before ‘noir’ with an interrogation ‘feature’ A great stereotypical noir story, sam looses his jacket and gains a 5 o’clock shadowYou interrogate a few suspects, leadin… more »
Bus Simulator 2 is real fun, and could perhaps be perceived as strangely addictive, and the only real problem of the game is the freeplay mode, which you would imagine would allow you to mind your own business driving around Megacity picking up passengers and dropping them off, however all you are actually doing is simply driving around the town in the bus that is running out of service. more »
Some of you may remember our coverage on the recent release of Color Cross to DsiWare by the creative picross fans at Little Worlds Studio, well now you can enjoy the innovative take on picross on Facebook, for free. Where it is available in English, Fre… more »