It may not be picking Call of Duty: Black Ops to the number 1 spot, but Farming simulator 2011 is possibly the most impressive and well-rounded simulation title out there, with fans all across the world this humble German farming simulator is definitely worth adding to your Christmas list, because it's everything a simulator fan would want. more »
In Spike and Namco Bandai's sequel to the 2009 epic Japanese anime fighting game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast you will be blown away from the get-go from the very intro cutscene with a fight between Broly and Goku ending with a Kamehameha that is practically more amazing than the anime itself more »
The phrase don't judge a book by its cover comes to mind when contemplating Deadly Premonition. No matter what ideas you create when looking at the front of the game you will never expect the huge expanse of weird characters and sudden surprises that will take place throughout your journey. You will realise just why Deadly Premonition is one of the most important cult games in the history of ever. more »
One of the best known series' of video games to come out of the UK over the last decade is the Fable series, the first game graced the Xbox back in 2004 and took gamers by storm. Developed by Lionhead Studios it was their third game under the new studio and worked as a great change from creating god games. Well Fable III is now their newest adventure; once again set in Albion, you play as the Prince or Princess of the kingdom dependant on which sex you'd rather play the game through. more »
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is one of Namco’s most recent releases and developed by award nominees Ninja Theory, best know for their second title Heavenly Sword which was released back in 2009. Well now they’re back with Enslaved and this time it is multiplatform, and miles better than anything they've created before. more »
Step into the shoes of Kate Wilson, a systems engineer aboard the Queen of the World, a monstrous ship that hoped to survive the Great Population Flood of the mid 21st Century, with a strange Scottish accent and her computing skills you’ll be stealthing around the decks of the ship as you attempt to regain control of the great ship that has been overrun by terrorists. more »
Costume Quest is set around three different locations, Auburn Pines the new neighbourhood that you have just moved into, the Autumn Haven Mall, and Fall Valley all of which that have been taken over by monsters!Your parents have entrusted you to look… more »
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has been developed by a company who definitely aren’t new to the Naruto scene; CyberConnect2 have been working on Naruto games since the Ultimate Ninja games on the Playstation 2, as well as some work on the .hack series, so they are no stranger to anime titles. Namco Bandai have kindly brought the second in this series over to the UK, and -as many fans will love- this is the first in the Ninja Storm series to be released on the Xbox 360. more »
Garden Simulator is the latest fruition from Excalibur Publishing and Astragon, although it may not have farm in the title, Garden Simulator has very close ties to farming simulators such as Harvest Moon or Farming Simulator Gold, however unlike Harvest… more »
Lionheart: King’s Crusade is a new real time strategy from the developers at NeoCore Games, focused on the Third Crusade with the ability to change history as we know it, and defeat the unjust Crusaders with the Saracen. Unlike historically accurate tit… more »
In what is possibly the quickest sequel in video game history, our loveable hero to the downtrodden, DeathSpank returns in DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, in another supposed true story, DeathSpank's quest continues where it last left off in the original g… more »
Comic jumper is the newest title from Twisted Pixel, the comic geniuses behind Splosion Man, and The Maw, however their newest title is more of a cross between a side scrolling platformer and pretty much every genre and gameplay style possible. Comic Jum… more »
PopCap Games are well known for a little game called Peggle and another called Bejewelled, although when we say little they’re absolutely massive, the most recent game to join their blockbuster list is Plants vs Zombies which was released in May 2009. We… more »
BBQ Games’ answer to 1vs100 Avatar Quizcall has released an update to their game that is integral to all that own the game already, and why you should buy it right now! No, seriously, go buy it now!When BBQ Games’ Avatar QuizCall was released back in… more »
Every year Rising Star Games release a large amount of high quality Japanese titles which the UK would never get to see if it wasn’t for them. Well this time round Rising Star teamed up with Mitchell Corporation to release the amazing PANG: Magical Micha… more »
If there is one simulation title that you are going to want to pick up this year it is Demolition Company, from the creators of Farming Simulator do not get it confused with Demolition Simulator, it is a completely different kettle of fishIn Demoliti… more »
Mafia II is the sequel to the beautifully haunting and effective criminal drama Mafia that won critical reception in 2002 for its brash realism, and engaging city. 2K Czech, formally Illusion Softworks return with Mafia II a slightly less impressive and… more »
Mystery P.I The London Caper is once again another seek and solve title, this time set in as you may guess London, following the tales once again of a Private Investigator on the hunt for the Crown Jewels which have been stolen by thieves, the Royal Fami… more »
Everyone loves Zombies, except for those few that find them too scary, I'm one of those people who love them to bits and will never find them scary, unless of course I find myself stuff with a swarm of real zombies coming right at me, however that will n… more »
If you are not shooting police in most games generally you control them tactically in the SWAT titles, Police Simulator breaks the mould and through a strange blend of simulation and real time strategy you are tasked with fighting crime in a modern European City the best way you know how, think SimCity with a heavy reliance on the management of your police force and you've got Police Simulator. more »
Sick of driving your Sims around in their Lemon? Good news! Electronic Arts have released the new Sims Fast Lane Stuff worldwide so that Sims fans can have a little more variation in the vehicles that their Sims get about town in.The Stuff packs are… more »
Bungie have been working on Halo for over a decade now, they quite literally turned console first person shooters into something that I could take seriously, sorry Golden Eye fans, consoles had nothing on the PC until Halo: Combat Evolved arrived on the… more »