We’ve got two copies of the beautifully nostalgic game to give away. All you have to do is tell us the most frustrating puzzle you have ever come across in a game. more »
Just when you think you are safe, the slow rambling and the groan of a zombie is heard around the corner, but you're out of bullets and are almost dead, your only hope is your baseball bat, unless there's more than one of them, and in that case you're s… more »
I absolutely love point and click games, ever since my father brought me home a copy of Manic Mansion I've been hooked. It's one genre that I have been and will forever be drawn to, so whenever I get the chance to play a new one I jump for it. more »
The last time we saw engineer Isaac Clarke, we were witnessing him enduring his own personal madness, whilst battling through a mass of Necromorphs on the USG Ishimura. Players of the original were sitting on the edge of their seats, cautiously edging around each corner for fear of what was waiting for them. more »
From futuristic survival horror to cutesy B-movie frights Tales from Space: About a Blob is not perhaps as prolific a game as Dead Space 2 which saw a release last weekend, however this little independent title from recently formed DrinkBox Studios is not one to simply be scoffed at. more »
As Back to the Future has always dictated, no matter what point in time you happen to be in, there will always be a Tannen and there will always be a McFly, this new series from Telltale Games is no different as you head back to 1931 to sort out one of a… more »
You may remember our review of the slightly confused XBLA title Hydrophobia, well Dark Energy Digital have rolled on a comprehensive update, twinned with a price drop to 800 Microsoft Points, let’s just say that both decisions were marvellous. We… more »
Back in October the most adorable and charming game was released, and everyone rejoiced, however after about 6 hours it was all over and done with, and with little else to do players focused on other things, nice things like puppies, and cheese. But rejoice once more you can, because there is an addition to the story of Costume Quest, Grubbins on Ice!! more »
If you were like us, this Christmas just after watching this year's seasonal episode of Doctor Who then you rushed to the computer afterwards to enjoy the last episode in the current series of Doctor Who the Adventure Games. In this last episode; Shadows… more »
One extremely cute addition to the recent surge of great Xbox Live Arcade titles is ilomilo, the newest game developed by the small Swedish studio Southend Interactive, a studio who I’ve always wondered if they named themselves after Southend-on-Sea.… more »
Get ready to Dive to the Titanic in Excalibur Publishing's newest story based simulation title, aptly named Dive to the Titanic. At its core the game is really light edutainment, but not 'serious' enough to be considered full on educational, in a small… more »
November 24th saw the slightly belated launch of Polyphony Digital's GT5. Normally the launch of a game is nothing to be surprised about, they happen all the time, however none of them will be quite like GT5. It's time for a story.... more »
Digger Simulator 2011 is the newest simulator from the Excalibur Publishing and Astragon deal, sort of a direct sequel to Digger Simulator; 2011 improves greatly on the rather average predecessor, with a better physics engine, more machinery to operate a… more »
One developer that is not new to the karaoke series of videogames that have hit the Nintendo Wii as of late, is Nordic games, the creators of the We Sing series, well they now have a new game available which will cater to some specific music fans with We… more »
OMG: Our Manic Game, developed by Arkedo Studio was one of the launch titles for Windows Phone 7. At first glance it looks like a bog standard shmup, similar to some of the Space Invader reboots over the years, only mixed with the awesome bright neon gr… more »
Poker night at the inventory is Telltale Games’ newest game to be pushed out of their fantastic pilot program, going back to their roots in Texas Hold'em Poker Night at the Inventory features four recognisable faces from gaming. With everyone's favourite… more »
You wouldn't be alone if you asked "What's Faery Legends of Avalon?" I had no idea myself until I sat down to play this rough gem of a game. It comes from Spiders, a French company whose previous work only includes porting adventure titles such as Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper and the long awaited Gray Matter, as well as their currently in development title Mars. Faery is their first in-house developed game with Focus Home Interactive picking it up for publishing. more »
Blitz Games and THQ have teamed up once again to bring The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout over to the Xbox 360 and turn it into a Kinect title. Allowing for a more well-rounded experience that of course requires you to actually exercise instead of fake it when you don’t feel like moving about anymore. more »
The Ball chooses the very interesting setting of Mexico, where as an archaeologist you become trapped in some caverns, with nowhere to go but deeper inside your exploration reveals that you are in more than just a volcano; from the very discovery of the mysterious Ball you are sucked into a rich world of unspeakable terror and ingenious puzzle design, all with a dark and brooding soundtrack that perfectly complements the atmospheric title. more »
Cities XL 2011 has everything that that you want in a city building sim; with housing, commerce and industry to build with the your usual city services, however what is best about Cities XL 2011 is that not only can you build a comprehensive city that ro… more »
Yuji Naka is a name that most would associate with Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA, well that's all in the past now because Yuji Naka is now the frontman for Prope Software a Japanese based company that Yuji Naka founded back in 2006.Ivy the Kiwi? Is the… more »
Welcome Sports fans to the wonderous.....nay.....LEGENDARY world of Blood Bowl, enter some of the finest stadia that Cyanide Studio and the Old world have to offer. more »