We review the newest sim in stores; Street Cleaning Simulator, one for the hardcore of simulation fans, if you love demolition and diggers, crossed with the steady long hauls of trucks, then you'll love this newest game. more »
We return to Scoggins; the town where people disappear all the time, and obsess over puzzles. Agent Tethers can't keep himself away from the mystery of Isaac Davner, and we can't keep ourselves away from the puzzles. more »
Family Farm is a healthy alternative to the derogative Farmville, and a PC friendly solution to Harvest Moon, created by a small dev team in the Czech Republic it is also available on Mac and Linux! more »
I'm going to keep this brief, because I'd like to believe the quicker this review is out there, perhaps the sooner the finale of the series will be released, and boy has it been set up for one hell of a finale. Despite crossing multiple timelines,… more »
Toss your high-vis jacket to the side and sit down at your computer, you won't need to make do with the harsh smells of the road, flick the dirt out of your hair and boot up Garbage Truck Simulator because you don't have to keep pretending to be a bin man. more »
Screeching tires to get to the mayors house on time, hopefully that extra armor pulled off as you come head first into a car park full of zombies, but there's no way out but the way you came Zombie Driver excels in its single player story mode tha… more »
You'll find many pearls of wisdom hidden in the depths of Hector, alongside the train of thought that parts an ASBO-hunter with his trousers, or the use of a heroin junkie as a faulty bit of merchandise, there's one thing in Hector that is so completely down to Earth. more »
After having the chance to preview Adam's Venture II back in January I leapt at the chance to review it after really enjoying the preview build that I was given the opportunity to play. Vertigo Games BV are a small studio based in the Netherlands who se… more »
Ghost Trick a recent adventure game on the Nintendo DS comes from the same creator of the Ace Attorney series; Shu Takumi. These had fast become one of my favourite series' on the Nintendo DS, which is why Ghost Trick caught my eye; then becoming one of… more »
Get ready to head out on the road in the new Driving Simulator 2011; this game is 5 sims rolled into one, and if you are a fan of simulators you'll love the variety and open-ended gameplay that this title offers. more »
Relax, we've got everything under control; it's that time of the month again and Marty is taking a trip back in time, however this isn't the Hill Valley of the future, in fact it's the Hill Valley of the present. But boy does it look futuristic. more »
Now just because it has Sim in the title, don't go thinking that Medieval is simply The Sims 3 with a bit of a make-over, as soon as you hit the meat of the game you will notice the lack of basic needs, house building, and all of these quests that are ripe for the taking. more »
Road construction workers are not exactly a select group of people that everyday drivers aspire to; in fact they usually cause more distress than anything else. However the humble road construction worker is now the spotlight of a new simulator straight… more »
It's not everyday that you see an independent point and click get picked up by a well known publisher, especially in the Adventure game sector. However be ready to be even more amazed as it's not just an indie point and click, it's a student produced po… more »
It’s only the second episode into the five episode season and things have already begun hotting up; with five different timelines on the go, and our first peek at an alternative reality it looks like we are really going to be in for a shock when we return in Episode 3: Citizen Brown. more »
Surgery Simulator is the latest simulator on the shelves and allows you to take patients under the knife and perform life changing surgeries, it isn't about to win any awards and you may scoff at the idea, but the game itself holds up well as a game to keep you entertained. more »
If you do not enjoy being told what to do in games and wish you had all of the time in the world to explore, investigate and ponder, then Baron Wittard is right up your alley. more »
The sign of a true adventure game is not very hard to spot, in most cases you can be presumptuous and look for a name, like Lucas or Ron Gilbert, however amongst all the Monkey Islands and Grim Fandangos of the world there will always be some a surprises. Edna and Harvey has all the makings of a great adventure game on a small scale, like an indie game that just captures your imagination. more »
If you had the natural elements at your fingertips and had the choice to fight off a world full of goblins, cave trolls, orcs and beastmen, or join up with your mates and gib each other to death, what would you do? As much as we want to seek out the eve… more »
It is the mark of a good simulator or tycoon if you can get lost playing it for hours upon end, and Cities in Motion will get you hooked, with such a simple concept and brilliant transportation manipulation you will not be content until each citizen that uses your public transport has a smile on their face. more »
It goes without saying that video games are an extremely noisy hobby, and whether it's your mother, father, partner or neighbour, at one point in your life you will have undoubtedly been told to keep it down, adjust the volume, or perhaps simply take it… more »
Stacking is a brilliant example of the niche avenues you can take with condensed downloadable titles, there is no other game like Stacking and there probably never will be, Double Fine’s foray into the downloadable scene definitely seems to have paid off with this charming and witty spectacle of a game. more »