Check out these lovely Mass Effect N7 sneakers!

We don't usually talk about apparel on Gamercast, however I couldn't stop myself from shouting about these amazing pair of trainers which I'd love to own, and I'm sure a lot of people out there would like to as well.

EA love to show off with their interesting pieces of apparel in the forms of hoodies, t-shirts and now trainers so that their fans can let others know about the games they love in their clothing. To cater to their millions of Mass Effect fans there they've created a great pair of shoes.

The shoes are a custom set produced by Tweak Footwear and are limited to only 2,000 pairs which are exclusive to the BioWare store and they'll set you back a fairly reasonable $85. The sneakers are a mix of shaved suede, perforated leather and glossy mesh featuring the N7 logo, Armour stripe, mark of the Spectre and the Paragon and Renegade logos. You can see more images of the trainers on the BioWare store.

They've only got a few different sizes left and the sizes shown on their website are US Men's, so if you want a pair you better buy them now if BioWare still have them in your size! I wish I could justify a pair myself however it's $40 shipping to send them to the UK sadly.

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