Featured image of post March of the Eagles - A new Napoleonic strategy game

March of the Eagles - A new Napoleonic strategy game

Paradox have announced a new title they've had in development, from the creators of some of the best strategy games out there they're bringing us March of the Eagles, a Napoleonic grand strategy. Napoleon has of course featured in Paradox's games in the past but never as a the main campaign. So finally all those hardcore Napoleon fans can put down Napoleon: Total War and have a taste of Paradox's interpretation of the core ten years of the Napoleonic Wars between 1805-1815.

However you won't be arming up Napoleon's Grande Armeé you'll be against them, trying your best to beat one of the greatest military commanders of all time. You have the choice to control one of Europe's nations to attempt to take down Napoleon's army; you'll be able dispatch armies to different locations, send out envoys, raid supply lines and form coalitions to try and get the upperhand.

As well as an engaging campaign you'll be able to play with up to 32 players online and try to gain control of Europe and reign supreme. If March of the Eagles sounds like your kind of thing perhaps you'd like to apply for early closed beta access which has a deadline of September 6th.

Otherwise you can wait until early 2013 which is currently the scheduled release date for Windows. Like most Paradox titles you'll be sure to find a retail copy in stores or digital versions across a variety of websites.