Featured image of post Check out the technologies in Europa Universalis IV!

Check out the technologies in Europa Universalis IV!

Paradox Development Studio have released a new developer diary for the hotly anticipated grand strategy Europa Universalis IV that examines the new technologies, ideas and governing styles that you will have to undertake in your pursuit of global dominance.

This latest video developer diary delves into the new ways that technology is researched in Europa Universalis with project lead Thomas Johansson, for those that played the previous games in the series, your old ways are about to be transformed!

Similar to the ridiculously good Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV takes grand strategy to a much wider scale with the overall goal of global domination, opposed to the more insular play style of Crusader Kings. The latest game in the series will give an even greater attention to player choice, and produce the dramatic change expected of increased technology levels in the form of more tangible weapons, diplomatic ideas and more, making your hard work feel far more accomplished.

In development from the team that brought you the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV hopes to further the foundations of the award winning series that redefined grand strategy gaming for a generation and sold over a million copies. Be sure to read up more on the game on the newly launched website.

Europa Universalis IV is scheduled for a release during Q3 of 2013 for Windows PC, those recently brought to the grand strategy genre thanks to Crusader Kings II; you’ll have a fantastic new game to sink your hours into!