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Impire is out now!

Paradox Interactive and Cyanide Studios have announced that their new action-strategy Impire is now available for purchase. You’ll need to carve out your evil Impire with crafting and lair construction, alongside assembling your minions into strategic squads so that they may venture into lands to commit unspeakable evil, why not take a look at the launch trailer to see what awaits them!

Impire is a new dungeon-management game full to the brim with imps and demons; Cyanide Studio’s favourite subject, so you know it’s going to be enjoyable. Full of dark humour, it tells the tale of Baal-Abaddon an impatient demon imprisoned in the most impractical imp body imaginable, this dreadfully embarrassing deed was done so by the sorcerer Oscar van Fairweather, a despicable human! In order to get him back to his grand throne of evil you’ll need to impress your allies, destroy raiding parties of humans and develop his disgraceful imp body.

Impire is available now from all good digital distribution channels for £14.99, so why not take your pick.