Gamercast is alive

Gamercast is getting ready to go, what is it? Well I've been wanting to do a blogcast for a while now, I was trying to get Roodis in on it but haven't had much luck, Adam however seems quite keen, and things are actually moving. The blogcast will be 100% dedicated to gaming, it was felt this was needed to reach out to a broad audience.

Gamercast was the name we decided upon out a large range, like err gamepod and kablamoe. So yeah it's the best out of a bad bunch.

At the moment the URL just forwards to my blog engine, however when the next version of b2evo finally comes out we should have things handled a bit nicer. We've using FeedBurner for our feeds in order to use RSS enclosures, b2evo support looks a bit iffy for the foreseeable future and I'm getting tired of hacking around with code.

If you would like to send us topics you think would be interesting to discuss on the show post something to the Portal Forums.

Our first blogcast should be on sometime next week, and I hope to follow up with a weekly show.