Episode 57

The shownotes for this week:

Listener review by cptalbertwesker.
Sales update:
Nintendo DS 10 million in Europe.
Nintendo Wii 4.2 million.
Xbox 360 10.5 million.
PlayStation 3 1.2 million.
Burning Crusade shifts 2.4 million copies on day one.
PlayStation 3 release date 23rd of March in Europe and countdown gadget.
Mario Kart 64 on Wii in Europe.
Wii news channel goes live.
Wii Sonic and the Secret Rings trailer.
Microsoft advertise Gears of War in PlayStation 3 magazine.
Double Dragon on Xbox Live Arcade in March.
Crackdown demo on Xbox Live Marketplace.
Square Enix licence Unreal Engine.
Fallout 3 coming to Windows and Xbox 360.
Forza Motorsport 2 gets May 2007 release.
Xbox Live gun threat gets kid's 360 confiscated by the FBI.
Gears of War hits #7 in Japanese charts.
Sony uses Project Gotham Racing 3 to promote GTHD.
The Pope blasts gamers as perverts.
iPhone (Microsoft CEO laughs at iPhone).
Windows Vista 2 days away.
Supreme Commander.

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