Episode 11

We're proud to announce the audio-only part of Gamercast Episode 11. What we talked about this week:

Making of Oblivion trailer released.
World of Warcraft festival.
Nintendo bring free wi-fi to Ireland.
Dunegeons and Dragons online.
Star Trek online.
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories.
Star Wars Empire at War.
Monkey Ball Touch and Roll.
March lineup.
Nintendo DS Lite.

Download, 10MB, MP3.

Comment from: Hjalmar [Visitor]

"Oh, it's litte Khajiit boy is it?" :D

Nice episode, lightsabers rocks :)

29th January 2006 @ 21:00 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

awesome episode guys as per usual, i missed out last week since i was down in cardiff WITHOUT MY IPOD, i was almost suicidal again, at least i had my caffein pills to keep me company :)

oh and hang on... i have something for you...

its the worlds smallest violin playing just for you, £600 pfft

lol jkin' as always,

anyway to save my time the live episode was cool too, love the liveness of it, of course i couldnt listen on the way down the motorway so... meh,

a question for you too should you care to answer.

the phrase "bow chica bow wow" is from red vs blue which rocks but... i hear that its the sound of the guitar on bulls on parade by rage against the machine, personally i cant hear it, what do you think?


31st January 2006 @ 21:07 Reply to this comment

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