Episode 273: Too much Catherine

This week:

News (1:30):
Xbox 360
New Little King's Story
Playstation Vita
BlazBlue Revolution
Gears of War 3
ChuChu Rocket
Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc
Team17 Super Sale
Humble Introversion Bundle
Square Enix
Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons and Donuts
Paradox compilation collections
Fate of the World - Tipping Point
Capcom Music Collection Vol. 1
Terraria 1.1

Name that game (32:27):
Answer to last week was Emperor: Battle for Dune
Congrats to whoever guessed one of the Dune games

Releases this week (36:39):
Mario Kart 7
Super Pokemon Rumble
NOW! That's what I can Music Dance & Sing
Assassin's Creed Revelations
Order Up!!
Glee Karaoke Revolution Vol. 3
Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring
Power Rangers: Samurai
Puss in Boots
Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy
Junior League Sports

Previews and/or reviews (48:11):
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim part 1

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