Episode 218: FIFA 11 giveaway

This week:

News (0:50):
FIFA 11 competition
BioShock Infinite
Little Big Planet 2
London MCM Expo
Eurogamer Expo
Japan Underground
Alan Wake
Playstation 3 firmware update
3D Dot Game Heroes
Dead Rising 2: Case West
Project Milo
Xbox Live preview program
Nintendo 3DS
Planet Michael

Your letters (26:11):
Letter from Charlotte and Gary

Name that game (30:03):
Answer to last week was Mega Man 2
Congrats to Charlotte and Gary

Releases this week (36:05):
Final Fantasy XIV
My Sims Sky Heroes
Jack the Ripper
Ghost Recon Predator
History: Great Battles Medieval
Dead Rising 2
Petz Playschool
Despicable Me
Crime Lab: Body of Evidence
Empire and Napoleon: GOTY

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