Episode 187: Basically Bioshock 2 is broken, basically

This week:

News (1:09):
Starcraft 2 beta
Alan Wake
Assassin's Creed III
Sims 3
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Dead Space 2
Dragon Age 2
Command & Conquer Classics
Final Fantasy XIII
Bioshock 2
Heavy Rain
Halo Reach
Left for Dead 2
Dead Rising 2

Paul's rant of the week (29:06):
Bioshock 2 patch

Your letters (32:20):
Lots of stuff from Charlotte

Name that game (37:40):
Answer to last week Unreal

Releases this week (41:04):
Half Minute Hero
Guitar Hero: Van Halen
Aliens vs Predator
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce
Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigates
UK Truck Simulator

Reviews and/or previews (50:15):
Resco Snake

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