Episode 186: Raining rather heavy rain

This week:

News (0:47):
Fallout: New Vegas
Sims 10th anniversary
Aliens vs Predator demo
Heavy Rain demo
Xbox Live shutdown
Sonic 4
L.A. Noire
Namco Bandai
No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise
Final Fantasy XIII
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Star Trek Online
Akira Yamaoka
Saints Row 3
Team Fortress 2
Nippon Ichi Software

Paul's rant of the week (30:59):
Lame BBC coverage of Bioshock

Your letters (32:27):
Bioshock bits from Matt
Stalker stuff from Charlotte
Lost Planet corrections from "God"

Name that game (38:03):
Adam and Sean were right
Answer was Modern Warfare 2

Releases this week (40:45):
Bioshock 2
Flips: Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Phantasy Star Zero
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
Star Trek Online
Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll
Half Minute Hero

Reviews and/or previews (50:14):
Monster Hunter Tri
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Dante's Inferno
Halo Legends
Heavy Rain demo

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