Episode 125

This week's shownotes:

Bins of a Solar Dustbin and/or man (Sins of a Solar Empire)
Eve Online
Time for E3
Knights of the Old Republic MMO
Grand Theft Auto on Nintendo DS
New Xbox 360 dashboard and avatars
Final Fantasy XIII coming to Xbox 360
Rent and buy films from PS3 online
God of War 3 in 2009
80GB PS3 announced
Resistance 2
Wolfenstein trailer
Dead Rising on Wii
Animal Crossing Wii
Wii Music
Wii Sports 2
New Zelda and Mario games in production
MAG on PS3
Fable 2 finished
Banjo Kazooie trailer
Mirrors Edge trailer
Red Alert 3 screenshots
Wii Motion Plus
Gears of War 2 5 player co-op
Halo Wars
Boring iPhone crap
Apple suck

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