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Announcing Lub vs Dub

At Gamercast we're big fans of game jams, mainly because we love to take part in them, be it a global jam, local team based or individual we're always coming up with crazy ideas to use based off set themes.

Well a recent game from the Global Game Jam of 2013 notably in Glasgow has now seen an official release on the iOS app store. Lub vs Dub is an award-winning infinite runner with a twist. It involves two players running at the same time, on the same device! You've got to share a screen and manoeuvre your way through the environment using only the abilities to jump and flip sides. However collecting hearts and using power-ups are there to boost your performance, giving you the upper hand on your opponent should you be so lucky.

Plus if you don't have anyone to play with, or don't enjoy competition they've added a full featured single player mode with it’s own gameplay style, power-ups, leaderboards and achievements.

Lub vs Dub is available now on the iOS marketplace for a tiny 69p so why not download it today and give it a go, it's quite competitive.