Check out Frontier Development's Zoo Tycoon!

Check out Frontier Development's Zoo Tycoon!

One slightly unexpected launch title for the Xbox One was the classic PC simulation strategy Zoo Tycoon, which will be seeing a relaunch on the next generation console.

Simulation games don't work well on consoles! I hear you say, well that's a blatant lie, because the Theme games lived a wonderfully happy life on many a generation of console, and are testament to the fact that the great Zoo Tycoon can too! In fact, the videos you can find circulating the internet are showing a pretty impressive game so far.

Whilst the game isn't being developed by the now defunct Blue Fang Games, instead the torch has been handed over to the guys at Frontier Developments, which does worry me slightly, but in all fairness, their park recreation in Kinect Disneyland Adventures was fairly impressive, mash that together with the fur technology of Kinectimals and you've got yourself a zoo!

IGN were given a walkthrough of the demo for Gamescom, we recommend you check it out, it's nothing like the worrying announcement trailer released a few months back, walking around the park itself looks pretty stunning, and your strategy elements all seem to be in place, fingers crossed you can still delete the lion's cages!

Zoo Tycoon is scheduled to launch alongside the Xbox One exclusively and thanks to this new footage, it looks like it won't be the same, lets play with the animals type of affair that the announce trailer let on to, fingers crossed a date gets announced soon!