Zombeer announced

Zombeer announced

Animation based studio Moonbite games have announced a brand new game that they swear is the first first-person-survival-horror-comedy-shooter, well we'd like to prove them wrong, but we just cannot think of one!

Their new game is Zombeer takes place in a dark and very near future where a mysterious plague has turned the world's population into zombies, and our main character 'K' wakes up alone in a Mexican bar after a bit of a hard night on the drink. Waking up dizzy and disorientated he realises that this is no ordinary hangover, and he's been bitten by a zombie and the virus is growing inside him.

What's the catch? In order to prevent the virus from taking over, he'll have to continue drinking, but only in moderation, drink too much and he may find himself in a bit more trouble.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> no gameplay footage yet its a little difficult to make anything of Zombeer just yet, but we do love our comedy as long as its done well, and as a studio that has mainly focused on animation in the past, we think these guys may well have a very unique and interesting concept on their hands.

"Thanks to our creative team and our background in animation, we've designed Zombeer as a horror comedy full of action and beer, which is perfectly true to our tastes," declared Carlos Fernandez, CEO of Moonbite. "Our team is very passionate about pop culture so the game proudly features many references to movies, comic books and games that we like. We have said that if Zombeer had a fragrance, it would be a mix between Las Vegas and a Tijuana dive bar. We can't wait to unveil it and feed our fans with more videos and images of crazy and naughty zombies until the game releases!"

Zombeer will be coming to PC, Mac, and hopefully Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 at the end of this year.