Pendulo Studios' Yesterday is dated for release very soon!

Pendulo Studios' Yesterday is dated for release very soon!

Along with a few new screenshots, Yesterday has now been dated for a release a bit sooner than you might think!

Pendulo Studios' latest adventure game is not a jovial bunch of fun like their past games, and instead delves into a darker story; an original IP away from The Runaway series, full of twists, turns, and thrilling narrative.

Set in New York City, beggars are mysteriously disappearing off the streets, only to be found burnt alive. At the same time, seemingly unrelated people are finding Y-shaped scars form in the palms of their hands. With the police caring less, the events come to the attention of Henry White, a young, rich heir who is dedicated to a charitable organisation, and his friend Cooper who bring it upon themselves to investigate the disappearances, all the while the enigmatic John Yesterday is dragged into the story after his memory is wiped and all he remembers is attempting to commit suicide in Paris.

Yesterday will be available in all good retailers and through online distribution channels March 22nd. We got to preview the game recently, and cannot wait for its imminent release.