Prepare for the invasion with the pre-order bonus for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Prepare for the invasion with the pre-order bonus for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

If you want to get one step ahead in the fight against the extra-terrestrial forces then pre-order XCOM: Enemy Unknown before its release to secure yourself the Elite Soldier Pack at no extra cost when it hits stores on October 12, 2012.

One of best strategy games out there is making a comeback, but it isn't 2K Marin's version of XCOM it's Firaxis games' re-imagining of XCOM in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its now available for pre-purchase on digital platforms with a recommended price of £29.99. Well don't forget to put down a pre-order with any of the retailers stocking copies of the game, be it on Windows, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 as you'll get the Elite Soldier Pack with it as long the retailer is offering it.

Why pre-order it you ask? Well you can then get your hands on The Elite Soldier Pack which will consist of:

The Classic X-COM soldier: The iconic blonde flattop hairstyle of the 90's is back but with a modernised upgrade.

Soldier Deco Pack: Players will be able to kit out their soldiers with aesthetic looking elements to upgrade their armour suits.

Complete Colour customisation: The player in command will be able to completely control how their soldiers will look with a variety of different colours and tints.

Also all copies of the Windows version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be powered through Steam so you will get Steam achievements, matchmaking support and many more features that Steam offers.

If you have never played XCOM before then I would suggest getting the original games which came out quite some time ago on the Amiga and DOS back in 1994. To this day they are still seen as one of the best strategy/action games ever made, and you can buy the whole set from Steam for £8.99 . But don't get too caught up in them as you need to remember to pick up XCOM: Enemy Unknown on October 12th.