The unknown threat has been discovered

Following the announcement of XCOM back in April the guys and gals at 2K Games have finally released a trailer for their re-imagining of the classic turn based XCOM titles.

The trailer shows the lovely 1950s setting of the game with their mid-century modern style houses in a calm American-dream like street. The style of characters seem to have taken a lot influence from the previous Bioshock 2, which can be noticed in the art book that came with the special edition of the game.

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The story follows FBI special agent William Carter who is working with the XCOM unit (Extraterrestrial Combat Unit), William is lucky enough to be given specially created weapons in order to attempt to terminate the alien threat. We are introduced to the enemies of XCOM (or some of them) which appear as a black symbiote type alien that can partner with humans (for what reason they do so we don't know yet), similar to that of Venom from Spiderman or likened to the malleable consistency of a Changeling in liquid form from Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

The game is set to be more mission based than Bioshock which was fairly linear, XCOM promises to be non-linear allowing you the choice to take out the threat or to run away if you feel outnumbered (while taking research photos on the beings) like any sane person would. Missions will be available from the XCOM base of operations where you will have a choice of what you want to go investigate.

The end of the trailer sees a giant obelisk assimilating all forms of matter within a close proximity; this monolith is called the Titan and appears to an omnipotent foe which has the ability to instantly destroy anything in its path, even you if you don't move fast enough.

There are a lot of mixed opinions around XCOM, mainly due to the fan base of the original games, however the 2K Marin team have stated that they have a lot of respect for Enemy Unknown, and are attempting to (where possible) keep core aspects of the original, in order to appeal to previous fans.

Scheduled for a release at some point during 2011 for Windows and Xbox 360, Gamercast are extremely excited about this title and can't wait for its release.