Want to check out what you get in the box with an Xbox One?

Want to check out what you get in the box with an Xbox One?

If you can't wait for the launch of the Xbox One and my unboxing that will of course follow after picking up the Xbox One from a local store's midnight launch, well you can watch Major Nelson unboxing what is presumably the final consoles that will be shipped out for it's launch at some point in November.

Unlike the most recent iterations of Xbox 360 we're given a HDMI lead with the console, however with it being the only possible way to output an image we're not surprised that they're having to distribute them with the console now.

Also surprisingly the headset is being shipped with the console, unlike previous mention of it not being bundled with the hardware, plus it will be in both the Day One edition and standard version of the console. So check out the video below to see exactly what you can expect if you're considering picking up an Xbox One.

We can't wait to see what else Microsoft have to announce at this year's Gamescom, hopefully the announcement of the release date or of course more exclusive games.