Worms Revolution gets a bit more dynamic

Worms Revolution gets a bit more dynamic

A few more details on the latest Worms game has trickled from the Northern developer, announcing that Team17 plan on expanding its award winning franchise with the inclusion of dynamic water and physics based objects.

The introduction of dynamic water will introduce new hazards to players, and with water ever present in the Worms of yore you wonder why the idea has never taken off before! With deposits of water possible on the landscape, and water featuring in new weapons and utilities it can release as a torrent of destruction, sweeping unsuspecting worms to their watery grave.

The physics objects appear as destructible items that can produce devastating effects, such as toxic items that disperse clouds of gas, or others that explode and spew flames that will set fire to the landscape and burn any nearby worms, however how these differ from destructive items before will have to be seen.

Worms Revolution is scheduled for a release during Q3 2012 on both PC and consoles, who knows, we might even get a sneak peek of it at E3 this year!