Mind the Gap in our review of World of Subways 3 London Underground

It’s that disgusting commute in the summer; the sticky heat rises up your neck as you chug along at a snail’s pace due to an earlier signal failure. There are no seats left because you just gave yours up to a suspicious looking old woman, and the carriage is starting to get a little too cramped for your liking as a large man squeezes into the very little space at the next stop, fear not.

The Underground is a mode of transport that more people bemoan than appreciate, but a new simulator has been brought onto the market thanks to Excalibur Publishing that allows you to appreciate the Tube Line from the comfort of your own home, and whether you adore the Underground trains or not, this is one game that true simulator fans should not miss out on.

World of Subways London Underground Simulator is a bit more demanding than your standard simulator, but with good reason. If you are a nut when it comes to the London Underground you will not find a more perfect recreation of the C-stock and the stations that the Circle Line pass through; without actually visiting them yourself.

World of Subways London Underground is a wholly realistic representation of the Circle Line, this isn’t an arcade simulator, this is a proper rail simulator, and as the driver, you are responsible for everything. I mean absolutely everything; when you arrive at your cab you’ll need to put on your tail lights, select the destination board, run the DVA announcements, adhere to all speed limits and signals, turn on the ventilation, announce the closed stations to passengers, you can even remind them that smoking is not permitted.

To top it all off, London Underground Simulator also supports the RailDriver Desktop Cab Controller; the second coolest game peripheral only second to Steel Battalion's cockpit controller. The Cab Controller is almost fully supported by World of Subways, the only feature that it does not support unfortunately is the DVA programming, which has to be performed manually.

The game consists of eight missions; thankfully one of them is a standard tutorial mission that shows you the ropes, if it were not for this, without prior knowledge of the Underground C-Stock you would be completely lost. In the tutorial you’ll be shown the procedures that a train must go through before heading out for duty, as well as the best way to carry out the nerve-racking passenger duty.

The rest of the missions are the standard scenarios that you would expect of a train driver; keeping up to schedule after a signal failure causes a backlog of traffic on the lines, taking over someone else’s schedule, there’s even the scenario where bridge maintenance enforces a 15 mph speed limit throughout the line, they are all pretty entertaining for those that want a bit of structure to your simulators, however there’s another mode perfect for those that just want a bit of freeplay.

Missions are all well and good, but a true Underground fan is looking for the ability to take control over a tube and just drive around to a schedule. Well you’re in luck, because World of Subways London Underground doesn’t just allow you to take over the role of the driver, and drive to their schedule, it allows you to choose from the whole day’s worth of schedules; from 5 in the morning to the stroke of midnight, whichever route on whichever schedule, you’ve got the choice of hundreds.

Driving to Schedule puts you in the hands of whichever route you pick, and gives you the responsibility to stop at every station on your way, opening the doors, making announcements and adhering to the speed limits, however unlike the missions you will never fail (unless you derail or run a red signal), no matter how bad you perform, or what you do; the Circle Line is practically your oyster.

Unlike the missions, the Drive-to-schedule mode does give the player a brief rundown of their performance, including some handy pointers on where you could improve on your next shift, this was great, and it is a shame that this is the only real feedback you receive in the game.

I personally am no stranger to the Circle Line, a journey that I used to take often was Paddington to Liverpool Street, and to be honest I might as well have been on the train as I drove the 5:34 service punctually from station to station, having to remind the passengers that Blackfriars was closed. The horrible stigma of train fans is overweighed by the absolute awesomeness of what this game has achieved with both the realistic recreation, ability to do anything and being able to program your own DVA announcements!

World of Subways is really for those simulator fans that find love in the details, this isn’t a game per say, World of Subways is a true simulator; you will need to carry out absolutely everything that a real Underground driver would. This includes announcing the train’s termination, apologizing for delays, even running a break test and using the ever important deadman switch, the sheer detail that the game goes into is spectacular.

Now you may be familiar with the popular train sims out there, Railworks, or MSTS, well they do not have anything on World of Subways, not only are you ferrying passengers around, you can be a passenger. This is used in a few of the missions that require you to become a passenger and take the tube to the station that your schedule starts from, this features just shows how much TML Studios have recreated the Circle line with what is practically a living, breathing Underground Rail line.

World of Subways crosses the line that many simulation titles daren’t cross and includes human models, your train driver is represented by an avatar that looks as though he has a bit of a limp, and when characters talk they sway from side-to-side. Quite frankly, it’s not pretty, however most simulator fans know not to expect much, after all its the vehicles they want to play around with. Granted, the AI for the train passengers is actually pretty impressive for a simulator as you watch them run to the train as they attempt to make the train.

The only real issue with the game is that if you do have to play it with the lowest graphics settings, you may find that it is almost impossible to read the very small text present on all of the objects in the driver cab, eventually you get the hang of it, just like the slightly dodgy mouse control that is used to select button and dials in the cab. However with the backup of keyboard control on practically anything, it’s easy to overlook most of these issues, you get used to it, and after a short while the niggles are at the back of your mind.

World of Subways is a lovingly realistic recreation of the Circle Line of the London Underground, with the amount of detail that has gone into both the stations, and the trains, it sets the bar of train simulators, and is definitely one for the true hardcore sim crowd. Whilst the player models are not as fantastic as you might want, and there are a few small issues here and there, it is one of the best simulators out so far this year.

four stars

World of Subways London Underground Simulator will be available September 16th in all good retailers for the SRP of £29.99, this niche of a game is one that train fans will not want to miss out on, you can pre-order it already from the Excalibur Publishing website.

Comment from: louie [Visitor]

if you would just tell me how to download it

7th October 2011 @ 19:43 Reply to this comment
Comment from: HendonBoi [Visitor]

"..Practically your Oyster" Very clever!

29th November 2011 @ 02:50 Reply to this comment
Comment from: paula [Visitor]

how do you set it up its hard

3rd February 2012 @ 20:58 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Bob [Visitor]

I purchased World of Subways 3 this week. It is an awesome program and as long as you have a decent PC and graphics card, it is really outstanding.

Comment from: TOM [Visitor]

I am enjoying this sim with more practice however I note that I will never get a perfect score because my announcements are always wrong. This sim needs a better manual with more detailed instructions like the first world of subways Vol 2 and 3 had. Also when can we expect to use a regular game controller?? Not the $200 monster rail driver,

6th April 2013 @ 07:54 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Ryan [Visitor]  

Just purchased this game for my son, it loads but without sound and the mouse control is very erratic making it very difficult to operate the cab controls.
Any ideas please?

4th May 2013 @ 15:55 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Peter Duprêt [Visitor]
Peter Duprêt

Someone can explain me why the train disappears in Hammersmith and Edgware Road? For example: I got Edgware Road from Notting Hill Gate Paddington route. Then I wanted to continue and the train disappeared. I do not want this. I liked it: the train and ends with the correct advertisements examples: "The next station is Edgware Road, where this train terminates ....." and then stood there and then spent a few minutes when he would leave for Victoria via the ad said: "This train is ready to depart, please stand clear of the doors."
Hammersmith has many platforms to trains terminates the Hammersmith & City and Circle lines.
In another matter, when it says "The next station is Monument change for Docklands Light Railways, Waterloo & City, Northern and Central line from Bank" and then does not say, "Please MIND THE GAP Between train and the platform" why? And when the doors do not open at first says "Please MIND THE GAP Between train and the platform" why?
Blackfriars station is closed why? I want to open because the past few years it was open.
And why I can not change lines, or exit the subway, and even get the trains of District and Hammersmith & City lines?
The colors are wrong, no National Rail Services, nor Metropolitan Line why? The wrong forum, but all wrong. And this is not right.

23rd November 2013 @ 18:27 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Sidiclei Dasilva [Visitor]  
Sidiclei Dasilva

I bought this item and I cannot play in my laptop. The shift key does not work at all preventing me from set up the train properly causing me to fail my missions all the time. Any hints on how to get it fixed?

Thank you

28th December 2014 @ 03:47 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Declan Warren [Visitor]  
Declan Warren

@louie You get steam and Buy it then download...

11th May 2015 @ 20:59 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Vinson Zhang [Visitor]
Vinson Zhang

I have an Acer Aspire R14 (R5-471t)
Intel i5-6200U @2.3 GHz and Turbo Boost up to 2.8 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 520

And despite the weaker system, I can still run this simulator at medium-high settings! This just goes to show that don't let the name Intel HD Graphics fool you. If you compare them on game debate, the Intel HD Graphics 520 is better than most entry-level Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

14th August 2016 @ 16:33 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Neal Kaye [Visitor]
Neal Kaye

Very good sim.

Here's a tip.

This is a 32-bit program and, normally, can only access 2GB of memory.

If you have a 64-bit processor AND more than 4GB or RAM, than do yourself a favor and download the following utility

4GB patch

at: https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371

With this patch, which is extremely easy to install and activate (takes 1 minute or less) WOS 3 will be able to access up to 4GB of RAM vs. 2GB. This will prevent any crashes while the program is running. Before I installed this utility, WOS was crashing almost every time I ran it. After installing the patch, I have had no crashes.

24th March 2020 @ 17:27 Reply to this comment

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