Have a good look at the new Witcher 3 cinematic trailer

Have a good look at the new Witcher 3 cinematic trailer

Something we were treated to back at E3 when we went to check out how amazing The Witcher 3 is looking, was their upcoming cinematic trailer called Killing Monsters, well CD Projekt Red have now released it for everyone else to enjoy.

It was definitely one of the most moving pieces that I saw at E3, even though of course it's not the game itself running, it shows the depth of emotion that they're trying to draw from players which I hope will be represented as well in the final game.

They sure know how to produce a CG trailer, and if you look closely at the awards at the start of the video you'll see one of our own Gamercast awards.

It was an absolutely stunning game from the very long presentation that I watched and I can't wait for them to share such a long walkthrough with everyone else. Just so everyone can see that it is THE next gen RPG to buy, even if you haven't played the previous games. The Witcher 3 is due for release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Windows at some point during 2014.