Feast your eyes on 14 minutes of Watch Dogs!

Feast your eyes on 14 minutes of Watch Dogs!

Ubisoft have released 14-minutes of gameplay footage for their upcoming, highly anticipated open-world hacking adventure. In the video we see Aiden Pierce, wandering around in the world, encountering working class citizens out and about on their daily business.

It looks lovely and run down in their version of Chicago, go on, give it a watch:

The video shows us the sort of things you can expect to get up to when you want to be able hack into everything in a district, by taking down the local CTOS control center. It also shows off the way you can create stealthy scenarios by hacking into everyday items.

We also get to see a little more on the random encounters you may come into, really, why are you reading this? Watch the gameplay footage!

Watch Dogs is scheduled for a release November 22nd on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Wii U.