Get ye to the field for a Pitched Battle in War of the Roses

Get ye to the field for a Pitched Battle in War of the Roses

That’s right, it’s Wednesday 21st November, which means that the first in a series of monthly content updates have begun to hit the medieval brawler; War of the Roses from those brilliant history lovers at Paradox Interactive.

The update includes a selection of new armaments including the Kingmaker sword, a finely crafted sword employed by the legendary Richard Neville, a new suit of armor complete with paint options, a new helmet, four new visors, and seven new weapons like the gothic mace, halberd, and a brand new horn-spanned crossbow.

Best of all is the new game mode Pitched Battle that challenges knights to take far more care with their lives, as death is final. Pitched Battle will begin in an Open Beta phase and places great importance on bandaging and reviving teammates lest they perish and await the next match to fight again.

If you’re around tonight, Paradox Interactive are demonstrating Pitched Battle as well as the other new content on a special War of the Roses broadcast on their TwitchTV channel at 6pm GMT, why not give it a watch before you head out onto the battlefield.

War of the Roses is available now in all good stores and online distribution websites, if you feel combat is far too simple in games these days, you may want to give it a look.