Scream into battle with the release of War of the Vikings!

Scream into battle with the release of War of the Vikings!

Paradox Interactive and Fatshark have released the vicious, blood thirsty warriors of Northern Europe for all to play in War of The Vikings; their new skill-based multiplayer combat game that follows on from their massively popular War of the Roses.

War of the Vikings is the next generation of their close-quarter combat game that pits players with designing and customising their personalised warrior and take them to battle online for the upmost bloodshed imaginable, however with realistic blocking and damage models, will it be your blood or your opponents? If you've never heard of it, or its spiritual predecessor War of the Roses, be sure to check out the release trailer.

After being available via Steam Early Access for some time, it is still possible for players to choose from three different versions of the game, including the Standard Edition for £18.99, the Blood Eagle Edition for £26.99 which includes some unique content, and the mythical Valhalla Edition for £116 which includes a lifetime Viking pass for all content of the game for free as well as loads of unique content and the brand new 'Berserker King' digital novel.

Fans that have been playing the game in early access will also be pleased to know that the release of the game sees five new maps available across the three variants including a Viking village under siege in Stronghold, Viking longboats stranded on a beach with Saxon forces nearby in Tide, Vikings and Saxons toe-to-toe in Ice Floe, battle in amidst a dense forest in Ravine, and close-quarters battles in remote forest ruins in Ruins.

In War of the Vikings players can pillage England for all its worth as a Norseman, or defend your country as a brave Saxon. Featuring the same intense close-quarters combat as War of the Roses and features authentically inspired settings and weaponry for all you history buffs out there, on large scale 64-player battles that will ensure an unforgettable experience!

War of the Vikings is available now in the three different flavours mentioned above, but the standard edition will set you back at £18.99, with so much bloody Viking fun to be had, what are you waiting for?