The gruelling War of the Roses continues

The gruelling War of the Roses continues

After the launch of War of the Roses on Tuesday, Paradox Interactive have announced the fantastic news that they are planning to form a permanent franchise team for the game led by Executive Producer Gordon Van Dyke after receiving extremely enthusiastic reception from reviewers and gamers alike.

“There is no doubt that War of the Roses has been an ambitious project for us,” noted Gordon Van Dyke. “The game’s reception from players has exceeded expectations and we are truly grateful for the continued support from the community. We’ll continue to improve the game and add substantial content for all players.”

In War of the Roses players take to the bloody battlefield in 15th Century England where the only true victors are those left alive, it’s brutal, it’s bloody, and it's so very satisfying to play. So if you want to take on a new multiplayer squad based game that’s different from the boring crowd, get on your horse and ready your sword!

Celebrate the heartily successful launch, Paradox has announced a contest seeking the most action-packed screenshot of a fray on the battlefield, with the top two winners receiving a private 32-player server for three months alongside five copies of the game, but the contest ends October 8th, so you best head to the battlefield and get snapping!

War of the Roses is officially out now! I know, how long were we waiting for that! But never mind because it is available now for PC for the RRP of £24.99.