Victoria II Heart of Darkness out now

Victoria II Heart of Darkness out now

Paradox Interactive are pleased to announce that Victoria II: Heart of Darkness the latest expansion in the 19th Century grand strategy game now out, so move fast and stake your claim now!

Heart of Darkness introduces new ways for you to take colonies in the mad scramble for Africa, do you have what it takes? Have a gander at the release trailer for a short insight into the second expansion of Victoria II.

With a brand new colonisation system, in Heart of Darkness you must use your navy to expand your empire, compete against other strong colonial powers and try to maintain your overseas control. It doesn't take much for a small colonial conflict to spiral into an international crisis, so as ever diplomacy is your most important asset if you wish to negotiate your way out of a costly war.

The expansion also includes a new naval combat system that together with the colonisation system makes your navies more important than ever before, not only does it include much more detail, but new systems are in place for gun ranges, manoeuvring and there is a host of new powerful battleships so that your lowly ships are no longer bested by Dreadnoughts.

Victoria II: Heart of Darkness is out now for PC with a suggested retail price of £14.99.