The Victorian era has gone a little bit grand

Paradox Interactive's upcoming grand strategy game Victoria 2 has had a new trailer released, offering a sneak peak into the historical gameplay. Paradox are probably better known for their Europa Universalis series, however Victoria 2 follows on from Victoria - Revolutions and will have players guide their nation from the era of monarchies in the early 19th century through expansion and colonization while attaining great power at the dawn of the 20th century. From the two trailers so far it's looking quite good, and the information screens seem to be full to the brim of features to use.

Victoria 2 promises to be a deeply engrossing political simulation with over a dozen government types, with a detailed economy featuring over 50 different types of goods and production factories. You will have the choice of over 200 different playable countries from 1835 to the onset of World War II, with the exclusive feature to export a saved game when you finish, into Hearts of Iron 3.

With advanced technological trees containing thousands of inventions to discover, and an advanced sphere of influence system, where only the great powers battle over control of the world. It looks like the game won't disappoint when it released during the third quarter of 2010 exclusively for Windows.

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