Discover the Untold Legends of Blackguards now

Discover the Untold Legends of Blackguards now

The story of Blackguards is now ready to continue, with the release of the new Untold Legends DLC that offers new battlemaps, additional quests and new story elements shedding some light on the background of Takate, the fearsome arena fighter who joins you on your quest in Chapter 2 of the original story, and one of my favourite characters!

In Untold Legends, players will learn how Takate became a slave gladiator, and get the chance to take revenge on the slavers that caused him so much pain. They've even released a trailer to tease some of the new bits.

Daedalic have released the 1.3 patch at the same time as the DLC, this is available for free and will improve the game's balancing system, give players better insight into their hit chances, as well as a fully transparent battle log! That means you'll be able to see those dice rolls!

Untold Legends is available now for £3.99 alongside the 1.3 patch which will automatically install for free, for those of you that purchased the Contributors Edition via Steam Early Access, you'll get the DLC for absolutely nothing!

Also, those who purchased the Blackguards Contributor or Deluxe Edition will receive the DLC's music tracks when they install patch 1.3, even if they don't buy the DLC!